This Planet Needs a Name

1.02 Access to the Biological Specimens

February 17, 2020 Evan Tess Murray & Trace Callahan Season 1 Episode 2
This Planet Needs a Name
1.02 Access to the Biological Specimens
Show Notes

In Episode Two, “Access to the Biological Specimens,” Zahava and Zei head out for a day at the beach, and James investigates the local wildlife. Mandry comes downstairs for a visit; we find out who can bake, who can braid, and what those black seas look like up close. Calendars are invented; wildlife encountered; Saccharomyces Cerevisiae rehydrated.

The transcript is available.

Content Note:  this episode is free from sensitive content other than some mild swearing, still mainly but not entirely James.

The showrunner and lead writer for this project is Evan Tess Murray. The sound designer, audio engineer, and composer is Trace Callahan. Sounds and music are her original creations, sometimes with the assistance of others who remain Nameless.  This episode guest starred the North Atlantic as the black ocean of the Nameless Planet.

This is a collaborative ensemble project. Many of the character decisions are made by the actors as part of the story and script development process. Please check out the links below for more of their work:

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The promo at the end of this episode is for Diary of a Space Archivist, a delightful show about space, family, and chocolate by Becky Stirrup

This story is being told by people in various parts of the world. Every episode, we'll give a bit of space in the shownotes to an effort by indigenous people that could use some support.  Inspired by Endymion's connection to the Guanches, we decided to ask you to support Native Land, a community mapping project to help us all understand the people who have gone before us.

Our podcast art was created by Katy Schifferer. Check out her work!

A great deal of this episode was written and edited at Candy’s, an LGBTQ+ community space in Portland, Maine. Check them out at

We tell a story about another world, but we're not giving up on this one. 

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