This Planet Needs a Name

Bonus: Unimaginable Animals

March 17, 2020 Evan Tess Murray & Trace Callahan Season 1
This Planet Needs a Name
Bonus: Unimaginable Animals
Show Notes

You asked, and she delivered!  Trace Callahan, as Kolian, singing the full version of their song from the prologue. This was entirely Trace's work - lyrics, music, sound design, performance, engineering, all of it. Lyrics below! 

We haven't given it a name
We haven't even seen its face
But this place is the center of our lives
It's still a million miles away
And we're still hurtling through space
The human race is counting on us to survive

And who knows what we will find
The first adventure of its kind
When we land, will there be sand, will there be air?
(well, I can make air)
We have a leader not a boss (just ask her)
We have a doctor who is bored
We have so much cheese, all these formers, too much time

Our pilot woke us one by one
He made a point of being kind
We have so much algae, giant vats of useful slime
How I wound up here with Zei
Chasing yet another sky
Who knows why? Will there be goats? Will there be trees?

We're making room for all our feet
We're planting seeds and growing sky
That's our plan, that's how we hope that this will be
I really hope there will be rocks
If there's just lava tell me why
We brought so many sleeping people here to see

And who knows how long it'll take
Is it all a big mistake
Will there be stars? Will there be soil? Will there be rain?
Or unimaginable animals 
On a planet's surface that's unplannable
Filled with unimaginable animals, mmm hmmmmm 

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