This Planet Needs a Name

1.06: Until We've Discovered Joy

November 28, 2021 Season 1 Episode 6
This Planet Needs a Name
1.06: Until We've Discovered Joy
Show Notes

In Episode Six, “Until We’ve Discovered Joy,” we look in on each of the Nameless Crew now that they’ve settled into their lives planetside. Zei deals with the aftermath of her frightening encounter with the native lifeforms and James has a small personal revelation. Lunch is eaten. Some questions are finally answered. 

Content Notes: As always, a few people swear. There are kissing sounds briefly (see the transcript for details).

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This is a collaborative, ensemble project. Many of the character decisions are made by the actors as part of the story and script development process. Please check out their work: 

This episode also introduced Brigitte Paulus, the final member of the Nameless Cast, who has been waiting in the wings until now. Brigitte is a dancer, choreographer, and all-around delightful person who has been stepping into voice acting. She's also a founding member of Vivid Motion, a dance company in Portland, Maine that opens dance performance to anyone. Check them out at

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We tell a story about another world, but we're not giving up on this one. 

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